Friday, May 2

sudah bertahun-tahun berlalu.
you don't miss the people.
you miss the situation.
terkadang, kita salah mengartikan.
when we say 'i miss you', kita tidak selalu mengartikan 'ok i really miss you.'
sometimes, we miss the situation and it feels like we wanna do that again. trapped in the same situation.
banyak, orang mengatakan 'i re-read our conversation when i miss you.'
really? you miss the person or you wanna have a conversation like that again?
atau bahkan, we even fall with another person but you feel like, tidak mungkin untuk memiliki perasaan yg sama with another person like you did in the past.
people are confusing.
people wanna move, quickly, but when they've met 'that' person, people think 'is he/she really the one? pengganti yang tepat?' and dengan sok-tahunya people think 'tidak mungkin menemukan pengganti secepat ini.' pdhl he's totally the right choice.
is it people, or it's just me?

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